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Tree removal in Kelowna

A&S Tree Solutions are specialists when it comes to tree removal, Kelowna area. Call us to discuss the options for your tree problem!  If the tree is serving a purpose we can explore all options for saving the tree.

Therefore preservation isn’t always the healthiest or most cost-effective course of action. Tree removal may be the best option for many different reasons:

  • A dead or diseased tree which presents a risk of coming down in the next wind storm. Because of that it can cause damage to your property or family
  • A tree planted in the wrong spot many years ago which now impedes your view
  • Tree removal to open up your property for landscaping, returfing. Therefore improving the look and value of your property.
  • Storm damage – wind and wild weather can often bring down trees onto houses, vehicles, fences and other structures.

Your tree removal Kelowna specialists

Our tree removal specialists are extensively experienced and equipped. We have state of the art equipment allowing us to remove any tree – big or small, with easy access or in an impossible location!!

Safety is paramount when tree branches are being removed. Therefore secure rigging systems and decades of experience allow us to control the direction and placement of falling timber ensuring protection of your property.  After systematically remove the tree, piece by piece, we undertake a comprehensive clean-up of the area. It will be hard to believe that we were ever there!

Whether your tree is impeding your view or maybe its simply not safe to have around anymore. We’ll ensure the job is done in a quick and efficent manner to put your mind at ease.

Trying to remove a tree yourself is not only risky. Because if you’re not properly trained or even insured to do so there can be huge implications. Therefore team at A&S tree solutions will ensure your tree is removed in safe enviroment as we take all the proper precautions when setting up right through to the clean up.

Contact us today to discuss your removal as we will do a no obligation free site inspection before athe job goes ahead.