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Tree pruning Kelowna

You want the best for your trees and so do we. Tree pruning is the best way to ensure their long term health and vitality. Trees are an investment in your property and applying the right care for them can add significant value to your investment. They can provide shade to your house or privacy from the neighbours.

Tree pruning ensures you have a safe tree. A tree pruned improperly can become a hazard and a major safety issue later on.

Because of that A&S follow pruning methods set in stone by the ISA. Which ensures your trees are conserved to your expectations.

Pruning certain trees/bushes at the wrong time of year can be harmful for the tree. This can make it more susceptible to disease or potentially kill it. Therefore we’re happy to provide our expert advice on seasonal variance. Along with the best times of year to feed, prune and care for your trees, shrubs and hedges.

Pruning specialists

It’s very important that you entrust your botanical assets to an experienced operator. Most importantly reckless  removal of limbs and branches can lead to damage to the tree. Ultimately taking years to correct. Not to mention leaving unsightly stumps, shade deterioration and can expose the tree to the threat of disease.

Pruning with the correct techniques and equipment ensures the job is done safely. Because done right it can leave a result that is sure to impress.  Of course, all vegetation and rubbish is removed from site, leaving you with a very presentable property.

A tree pruning specialist should have the right equipment to get the job done right the first time. It’s important to have a qualified arborists who are trained on how to prune a tree right so that it doesn’t stop future growth.

We pride ourselves on leaving any site clean as if no one was ever there and the proper safety precuations are always adhered too.Contact the team at A&S tree solutions today to discuss your requirements