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Stump grinding Kelowna

A&S tree solutions specialise in stump grinding for the Kelowna area. Stumps can be a real concern because they can create problems around the foundation of your home. This can ruin irrigation or just be an unattractive eye sore in your garden.

We offer many solutions to removing unsightly and problem causing stumps. Whether it’s grinding them, coverering them or pulling them out. Both newly made stumps or old existing stumps but most importantly it’s about finding a way to remove it from sight.

Unless our client has a particular need for the stump to remain in the ground, we generally recommend that it be removed for several reasons:

  • Stumps and their attached roots may contain pests or disease. Once they begin to rot in the ground they can provide an ideal breeding environment for termites and other undesirable insects
  • The stump may look dead to the naked eye. However it may be difficult to ensure that biological termination has occurred and the tree can begin to display new signs of growth after a brief period of time
  • Kelowna stumps can be an impediment to future construction, gardening or landscaping projects
  • As well as being unsightly, stumps can also present a tripping and fall hazard to children as they play

Stump grinding specialists

Once a tree is cut to its base. We’ll apply a product to ensure the root ball system does not continue to grow and present issues in the future.  Then a specialist grinding equipment is used to remove the tree stump completely to a pre-determined level below the ground.

This allows landscaping to be undertaking immediately at the site. Whether it be a new lawn, garden bed or replacement tree our customers never know the tree was there.

If you are in need of some stump grinding. Give the Kelowna boys a call for a no-obligation free discussion around your next project. we offer one of the best tree removal service in kelowna and You won’t be disappointed