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This varies considerably depending on the size of the tree, access to the site and the equipment and manpower required to safely extract the tree. Why not call us to discuss your tree situation and take advantage of our obligation free quote?
Absolutely! It’s hard to provide an accurate assessment over the phone, although we’ll do our best to give you an idea of your options. What we suggest is booking in an obligation free quote at no cost – we will attend site, assess the work required and provide you with a written quote within 24 hours.
All waste materials are removed from site after we have completed the work, unless the client has specifically asked for us to leave it behind for firewood or building purposes. Our clients often say after we have finished “if it wasn’t for the missing tree I wouldn’t even know you have been here!”. We take pride in our work and will extend that to your property.
We do! We understand many property owners work Monday to Friday and find it difficult to take time to provide access to us, so we do our best to schedule work at a time convenient to our clients, just ask!
Stump removal is a service that most clients request at the same time as the tree is being removed, especially if the area is going to be replanted or landscaped. This does require separate specialised equipment, however we are happy to provide a quote for this work and can generally complete the stump removal during the same visit
Certainly! Stump grinding removes the stump and roots to a predetermined level below the surface allowing for replanting of trees or new landscaping with turf. Feel free to ask us for advice, we have many years experience in tree and landscape design.
Yes we are. We are professionals in our industry and acknowledge that without proper care and attention, accidents to persons and property can occur. For your peace of mind we are fully insured, and would strongly suggest you only engage tree services that can assure you of both their experience and liability coverage.
We love a challenge, and have removed trees from the sides of mountains, from overhanging rooftops and everywhere in between! Our extensive experience allows us to achieve successful outcomes for our clients where many others fear to tread. Call us to discuss your unique requirements.