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We pride ourselves on providing expert, unbiased arborist services advice regarding all tree matters in Kelowna. We focus on the care of individual trees. We are knowledgeable and trained and equipped to provide adequate care about the needs of trees. The recruitment of an arborist is not an easy decision to be taken. Proper care for the tree is an investment which can produce significant returns. Well-kept trees are attractive and can give your property significant value. Significant liability can be impaired trees. Remove trees can be dangerous, especially large trees. Only trained and equipped people should work in the trees safely. Drawing upon decades of experience to ensure you are fully aware of the options available for your particular circumstance.  Firstly, should your tree be removed? Secondly, does it pose a threat to persons or property or thirdly, is there a pest problem that requires treatment?

Above all these and many more common queries are quickly and effectively dealt with through an on-site house call and inspection.

Certainly addressing issues with expert advice in the early stages can save significant money in the long term.  We provide you with all the facts allowing you to make informed decisions.

Therefore we can generally evaluate and identify tree problems from the ground.  If the matter requires a closer inspection, we have the equipment, experience to climb and get up close and personal in the tree top.

We recommend only using trained professionals, as your safety is our primary concern.

Therefore we urge to you engage experts to undertake  tree pruningtree removal and pest removal services.

  • Pre-construction consulting
  • Home owner consulting
  • Hazardous tree assessment and mitigation
  • Forest fire fuel mitigation
  • Tree evaluation